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Raspet’s research into functional perfumery and the flavor and fragrance industry––is an ongoing aspect of his focus on the underlying materiality of abstract systems, which have included financialization, legal administration, and data processing. (...)


IPD SA Infopack August 2015.pdf   53%

Methodology Within the international summer academies we plan to include different workshops, lectures, presentations, interactive group works, brainstorming on conflict places, mediation operations and peace negotiation activities as well as case studies on ongoing-fragile conflicts in the world (depends experts availability). (...)


2016_011_REF. Tdh_Field Logistics manager- Boma.pdf   53%

As part of these responsibilities the post holder will support the establishment of child safeguarding systems, promote a culture of keeping children safe, and ensure that potential harm to children (by our own staff and/or as a result of how we do our work) is identified and addressed on an ongoing basis. (...)


jpmorganchase-institute-gas-report.pdf   53%

Co., for his vision and leadership in establishing the Institute and enabling the ongoing research agenda. (...)


ToR CP Minimum Standards - Consultancy.pdf   53%

By end of 2015, the ongoing conflict has already exacted a heavy human price. (...)


1104.4462.pdf   53%

At this time we cannot rule out the possibility that one or more ETI exist in the Milky Way, nor can we dismiss the possibility that we may detect, communicate, or in other ways have contact with them in the future.1 Contact with ETI would be one of the most important events in the history of humanity, so the possibility of contact merits (...)


Dr L._Horowitz_The_ avian_flu_fright_Politically_timed_for global_iatrogenocide.pdf   52%

It was said to be the latest threat in an ongoing series of attacks on humanity by mysteriously mutating "supergerms." (...)


2015_TRAYCE_Call_for_participants.pdf   52%

10 March 2015 Background information The work on recognition of non-formal education and youth work is an ongoing priority for the youth sector of the Council of Europe and its governmental and non-governmental partners. (...)


bitcoin_systeme.pdf   52%

The network timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain of hash-based proof-of-work, forming a record that cannot be changed without redoing the proof-of-work. (...)


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We are expecting a highly motivated young scientist to join an ongoing research program focused on the mechanisms involved in the control of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) quiescence and self-renewal. (...)


CP ANG.pdf   52%

“This represents for us a great opportunity to turn our company into a global player in the industry with greater sales and marketing coverage along with strengthened development capacities.” For Proteor, this project aims to accelerate its US positioning and growth while creating synergies for the development of prosthetic components with many ongoing very exciting projects. (...)


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6 rue Saint Claude 75003 Paris - - +33 1 53 82 10 18 The New Tribal Labyrinth - Objects for imaginary tribes The New Tribal Labyrinth is an ongoing series of work in which recurring themes like the organization of labour, the structures of power and revolution are linked to the end of the worlds´ resources and subsequent self sufficiency. (...)


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Our commitment to ongoing training and coaching doesn’t stop with our team. (...)


QnA about the public demo of 10 March.pdf   50%

This battle is ongoing while the critique of ‘communalism’ (as a divisive instrument or an obstacle to democracy or a brake on social and economic development...) forms one of the core aspects of the present march. (...)


Luc_Bourcier_GameInProgressMBAMCI.pdf   50%

Delivery of videogames should be conceived as a time flow, an ongoing process. (...)


UN_Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights_lao-pdr-end-of-mission-statement.pdf   50%

Indeed the ongoing transfer of land from private households to companies is a major driver of new forms of poverty in rural areas, effectively creating an emerging class of landless poor.”3 As illegal logging slows and the country’s two large mines close by 2021,4 the economy will depend much more heavily on manufacturing and services, but it is widely acknowledged that the skilled workforce required (...)


3 July press release.pdf   48%

The Book, which was written by the magistrates of the DRC’s Military High Court in partnership with the office of the Personal Representative of the President on sexual violence and child recruitment, Ms Jeanine Mabunda, highlights the ongoing fight being waged in the DRC against impunity for crimes of sexual violence with case studies of successful, sometimes infamous prosecutions. (...)


V4-WB - Joint Statement - final.pdf   48%

They expressed their support to the start of accession negotiations with Serbia not later than in January 2014, ideally soon after the adoption of a negotiation framework not containing new conditions, as well as to the negotiations for a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with Kosovo*, while stressing the significance of the ongoing dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and the implementation of the (...)


Worldbank extended term consultant-21.4.12.pdf   48%

This includes (i) rigorous evaluation of the impacts of ongoing interventions; (...)


Press_Release_Iran_International-final-v44.pdf   46%

That clamour for war with Iran has met not only popular opposition but also runs counter to the quiet diplomacy that has engaged Iran in ongoing relations with the UN nuclear agency, as well as economic trade talks with the USA itself. (...)


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