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Summer school-flyer.pdf   59%

The summer school will focus on ongoing developments in combating international fraud, international tax evasion and tax avoidance, corruption and money laundering, international and European anti-fraud mechanisms and procedures, etc. (...)


Industry Program Panel.pdf   58%

In this perspective, analysing the potential security risk appears to always increase in complexity due to the new information system possibilities and ongoing development of the critical infrastructures in the sectors such as finance, healthcare, transport, energy or army. (...)


Monitoring learning in MFL classrooms.pdf   58%

How does a teacher monitor an ongoing process? (...)


BIOINFO_Curie_intronic polyadenylation.pdf   58%

Applications for longer salary are ongoing. (...)


2018-march-9- Epidemiological update Measles.pdf   58%

In Brazil, there is an ongoing measles outbreak in the municipality of Boa Vista, Roraima state. (...)


Nahda_2011_summary_in_English.pdf   58%

These dimensions form the essence of 2 Ennahdha Electoral Programme 2011 the reform project and their relative significance continues to be the subject of ongoing debate. (...)


L'équation du bonheur.pdf   58%

To address the relationship between reward and ongoing happiness, it is essential to be able to measure happiness reliably (...)


ch15.pdf   58%

Finally, the chapter concludes by describing ongoing and future research directions in crowd analysis. (...)


Study day on Trauma Final.pdf   58%

She defines trauma as “not a single or systematizable concept but rather an ongoing set of clinical and conceptual discoveries” (2014, xiv). (...)


MCNA Final Final support of the EU Copyright Dire.pdf   57%

These will correct the imbalance of power and strengthen the positions of all authors and performers in their ongoing contractual relationships with producers and publishers. (...)


AMG_Brochure - Anglais 28 pages.pdf   57%

Today, every Mercedes -AMG automobile retains not just the soul of its founders but the hand-built heart and racing-bred embodiment of its ongoing legacy: (...)


Foster and McVey Neufeld 2013 TINS.pdf   57%

ongoing and future animal and clinical studies aimed at understanding the microbiota–gut–brain axis may provide novel approaches for prevention and treatment of mental illness, including anxiety and depression. (...)


G20_Anti-Corruption_Working_Group_Progress_Report_2013.pdf   56%

The renewal of the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group at the Los Cabos Summit in 2012 reflects the ongoing commitment of G20 leaders to rid their economies and societies of the corrosive effects of corruption. (...)


Gécamines comments on recent media coverage 181013.pdf   56%

The process is ongoing and at this stage Gécamines may or may not sell the stake. (...)


Medical Aesthetics Courses.pdf   56%

 The Medi-Sculpt Difference 3 We are dedicated to continuous professional development and ongoing advanced training; (...)


booklet.pdf   56%

If he did not, take a picture of it and let him see what his technician is calling a defect, ignoring the problem, and causing his customer an ongoing inconvenience. (...)


4 · PREMIO RAMPONI - 5 Edizione_ENG (1).pdf   55%

A change in the contest’s rules enables the contest to be a real network of talents, envisaging ongoing commitment and long-term support. (...)


Jean Ziegler and the Khaddafi Human Rights Prize.pdf   54%

This report—based on numerous documents (attached here), including official records of the canton of Geneva, UN materials and international news sources— reveals the leading role of Jean Ziegler, despite his denials and non-disclosures, in founding the Moammar Khaddafi Human Rights Prize, his ongoing relationship with the Prize organization in Geneva, and his own receipt of the Prize. (...)


oby20570.pdf   54%

It will be critical to assess on an ongoing basis how communication campaigns addressing childhood obesity shape public attitudes about obesity prevention. (...)



Raspet’s research into functional perfumery and the flavor and fragrance industry––is an ongoing aspect of his focus on the underlying materiality of abstract systems, which have included financialization, legal administration, and data processing. (...)


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