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quantitative assessment of 2 methods of tiludronate adm for navicular syndrome.pdf   47%

n = 6), or tiludronate (0.1 mg/kg), diluted with saline (0.9% NaCl) solution to a total volume of 35 mL and delivered into the lateral digital vein of each forelimb with an IV regional limb perfusion (IVRLP) technique (IVRLP group; (...)


mdrgn007ea.pdf   45%

CHF 1,292,372 (including CHF 366,000 in bi-lateral support) Number of people affected: (...)


PL-11 Instructions.pdf   43%

PL 11 Instructions PL-11 Side Mounted Turnout Motor PL-11 Moteur d'Aiguillage Mise de Côté PL-11 Seitlicher montierbarer Weichenantrieb PL-11 Motor lateral para desvíos Fitting to HO/OO Code 100 Setrack and Streamline Turnouts: (...)


Alabama Slammin.pdf   41%

If You Want My Love – Laura Bell Bundy 32 temps - Commencer à danser sur les paroles ROCK FORWARD RIGHT, ¾ TURN RIGHT, RIGHT SAILOR WITH ¼ TURN RIGHT, LEFT KICK BALL SIDE 1-2 Rock Step du PD devant 3-4 ½ Tour à droite en avançant le PD, ¼ de Tour à droite en posant le PG sur le côté 5&6 Sailor Step droit avec (...)


Purple-line-study.pdf   40%

Women were examined in the lateral position and midwives recorded the presence or absence of the line throughout labour immediately before each VE. (...)


bassin_avant pays_alpin.PDF   39%

In the Eastern Alps, reduction of relief due to lateral (east – west-oriented) extension caused a strong reduction in sediment discharge. (...)


Southern fringe of boreal forest....pdf   38%

Other factors, such as increased coniferous canopy closure and amount of coarse woody debris (CWD) and reduced lateral cover (LC5) were included in the composite model. (...)


journal.pbio.1001684.pdf   33%

LPC, lateral parietal cortex; MMSE, mini mental state examination; (...)


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