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Quand l'effet miroir gêne la lecture.pdf   56%

evidence for the role of inhibitory control in discriminating letters with lateral mirror-image counterparts Grégoire Borst et coll. (...)


Poster Juliette Roué.pdf   56%

Root buckling (Silverberg et al., 2012) Root tip reorientation (Massa and Gilroy, 2003) Radial expansion (Iijima and Kato, 2007) lateral root organogenesis (Richter et al., 2009) Root cap: (...)


kanduc2016.pdf   54%

The data 1) support the possibility of crossreactions between the two viral antigens and human proteins that, when altered, may associate with neuropsychiatric, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, diabetes, and sudden death; (...)


LBProject.pdf   53%

Many details are described (float, tank…..) and we can see again 2 lateral views for a complete description. (...)


Irrigazette Sirev Arrosage Chambord.pdf   52%

Irrigazette Sirev Arrosage Chambord international n° 162 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 Contents n° 162 September/October 2017 €7 ISSN 11 53 - 05 61 Le château de Chambord • Pivot and lateral Move Irrigation Systems Pivots et rampes frontales • Drip Irrigation of Maize Arrosage goutte-à-goutte sur Maïs • Natural Grass Sports Fields Arrosage des terrains de sport n n n Turf and Landscape IRRIGATION INSTALLATION AT THE FRENCH-STYLE GARDENS OF THE CHÂTEAU OF CHAMBORD Installation d’arrosage des jardins (...)


Celtic_Stomp(D).pdf   51%

reculer Ball PD – reculer Ball PG à coté du PD – PD en avant 5-6 Stomp PG devant - Clap 7 -8 Stomp PD devant – Clap Shuffle G, Rock Step, Shuffle D, Rock Step 1&2 Shuffle lateral G : (...)


Plagiocépahlie prog SeattlePE347(1).pdf   51%

lateral tilt of the head to one side: (...)


ChannaMelanostigma.pdf   51%

dorsal fin inserted after 3-4 scales vertically above the pectoral fin origin, ½7-½8 scales below the lateral line, 5 cheek scales, 27-28 circumpeduncular scales, 50-51 vertebrae, 7 branchial tooth plates, 36-37 branched dorsal fin rays and last dorsal fin inserted in between 41 and 43 vertebrae. (...)


exercices-geometrie-dans-l-espace-maths-seconde-136.pdf   51%



KSP Manuel d'alunissage.pdf   50%

KSP Manuel d'alunissage Kerbal Space programm! (...)


POLO.pdf   50%



Paretroplus_maromandia.pdf   50%

Paretroplus maromandia is also characterized by an elevated lateral line scale count (40 or 41), and a pronounced dorsal concavity rostral to the orbit, owing to possession of both a conspicuous interorbital bump and a straight, comparatively weakly sloping snout. (...)


Purple-line-Michaelis.pdf   49%

Also labor progress and presence or absence of purple lines between the buttocks in the lateral position in the active phase of labor was controlled hourly. (...)


Terminologie et normes dans le biomedical.pdf   48%



Vascular_Access_in_Pediatric_Patients_.pdf   48%

• If an intraosseous (IO) line cannot be placed in the proximal tibia, other options include the distal tibia, the distal femur, the distal end of the radial bone, the proximal metaphysis of the humerus, the sternum, the calcaneus, the iliac crest, the clavicle, and the lateral or medial malleolus. (...)


ERGO.pdf   48%

•2 Incisivos Incisivo Central (más próximo a la línea media) e Incisivo lateral Son dientes unirradiculares que se utilizan para cortar. (...)


ergo pdf.pdf   48%

•2 Incisivos Incisivo Central (más próximo a la línea media) e Incisivo lateral Son dientes unirradiculares que se utilizan para cortar. (...)


Thèse MF.pdf   47%

Thèse MF ! 1! (...)


Ransohoff2016Science.pdf   47%

Ransohoff Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and frontotemporal lobar dementia are among the most pressing problems of developed societies with aging populations. (...)


quantitative assessment of 2 methods of tiludronate adm for navicular syndrome.pdf   47%

n = 6), or tiludronate (0.1 mg/kg), diluted with saline (0.9% NaCl) solution to a total volume of 35 mL and delivered into the lateral digital vein of each forelimb with an IV regional limb perfusion (IVRLP) technique (IVRLP group; (...)


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