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An experimental study on real option strategies Abstract We conduct a laboratory experiment to study whether people intuitively use real­ option strategies in a dynamic investment setting. The participants were asked to  play as an oil manager and make production decisions in response to a simulated  mean­reverting oil price. Using cluster analysis, participants can be classified into  four groups, which we label as "mean­reverting", "Brownian motion real­option",  "Brownian motion myopic real­option", and "ambiguous". We find two behavioral  biases in the strategies by our participants: ignoring the mean­reverting process, and  myopic behavior. Both lead to too frequent switches when compared with the  theoretical benchmark. We also find that the last group behaves as if they have  learned to incorporating the true underlying process into their decisions, and  improved their decisions during the later stage. (...)


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Box 1734 Atlanta, GA 30301   COCA-COLA UNVEILS NEW LICENSED MERCHANDISE PROGRAM FOR COKE BOTTLE 100 ANNIVERSARY Partners include FRENDS, Hershel Supply Co., Assouline, Moleskine, BECKSÖNDERGAARD, Skinny Dip and RooTote The collection is exclusive to colette for one month before its global launch classified  -­‐  Unclassified   Page 2 of 6 April 20, 2015   ATLANTA, April 2015 – Born on Nov, 16 1915, the Coca-Cola bottle was designed by the Root (...)


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ALEC is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and public policy and educational organization. (...)


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Idiopathic scoliosis is classified as a structural scoliosis, even though there can be no bony abnormalities of the vertebral bodies (23). (...)


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classified by General Jonathan J. (...)


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The obtained data were classified into 13 groups, according to the year of the investigation. (...)


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The court equipped itself with a global instrument to established that to be classified as work, there combat violence and harassment at work … must, first, be a subject-matter identifiable with sufficient precision and objectivity and second, what a historical moment for humanity ! (...)


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division of Joanne Bordeaux, the number-one exporter of Bordeaux wines, representing more than 100 châteaux, including the 55 classified growths. (...)


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•The ENTIRE non-residential building is offered for sale, lease, finance or re-finance •The building is 10,000 square feet or larger •The building is classified as one of the following occupancy types: (...)


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Individual tests can be classified according to the degree to which they involve g. (...)


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In our bungalows (5 or 6 places), located on the hill in the heart of classified and protected nature, you will enjoy an unobstructed view of the pine forest, beach and/or the sea. (...)


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Special Operations Forces (SOF) are small, elite military units with special training and equipment that can infiltrate into hostile territory through land, sea, or air to conduct a variety of operations, many of them classified. (...)


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In a study of multicellular tumor spheroids the holographic features recorded from a fixed depth are observed to be time dependent, and they may be classified as variable or persistent. (...)


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The human cadaver has to be classified as a distinct educational tool as it is neither the student’s ‘first patient’ nor a mere biological model. (...)


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The exhibition adds value to a wide green area classified "remarkable Heritage Site" (...)


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KERAWA Argus Auto & (...)


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We also explain how coherent 2-groups can be classified in terms of 3rd cohomology classes in group cohomology. (...)


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They are classified in four groups related to the kinds of representation used on the bodies. (...)


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AIS = American Spinal Injury Association Impairment Scale Introduction The clinical diagnosis of having a motor complete lesion commonly classified by the American Spinal Injury Association Impairment Scale (AIS) as grade A or B (Marino et al., 2003; (...)


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These units perform highly classified activities.[3][4][5] So far, only three SMUs have been publicly disclosed: (...)


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